Kelford 267-EZP Camshafts - Toyota GR Yaris & GR Corolla G16E-GTS




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Kelford 267-EZP Camshafts For Toyota GR Yaris & GR Corolla G16E-GTS (FINAL STOCK CLEARANCE)

258°/258° | 11.50mm/11.50mm Valve Lift

Kelford 267-EZP Camshafts for the Toyota GR Yaris & Toyota GR Corolla G16E-GTS engine.

267-EZP are Kelford's 'Easy power' drop in cams and designed to work with stock valve springs on near stock G16E-GTS engine. Great with a re-tune with stock turbo or turbo upgrade. 
Retains good street drivability and throttle response. 

Camshafts are compatible with newly released 2023 GR Corolla G16E-GTS  

  • Street
  • Strip
  • Off Road
  • E85
  • Rally

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